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Austin & Alyssa Herdklotz

Food Service

Austin grew up at Life Action Camp as a staff kid. At a young age he can prayed with his mom to receive Christ’s free gift of salvation. He and his family served in ministry both at the camp and eventually on Life Action’s road teams. Throughout his childhood, he respected the ministry and the camp has always felt like home. 

After graduation, he joined the United States Marine Corps. He and Alyssa were married after his first year in service.

That time in the military really helped him to appreciate his upbringing and began to spark ideas as to what he’d do after his enlistment was fulfilled. During his final weeks in the USMC, they welcomed their child, Ellie, into the world. 

Since being a “civilian” again, Austin has struggled to find a job that truly suits him. Early in 2021, God began to tap on Austin’s shoulder and ask him to consider ministry again. Through lots of prayer, we have decided that joining Life Action Camp is our next yes to God.   Alyssa began helping in housekeeping and Austin is so excited to exercise his culinary creativity and “get back to his roots” of family ministry at The Camp.

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