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Bill & Christy Harvey

Operations Manager

Bill (often referred to as Billy) grew up in rural Oakland, Maryland. After high school, he began pursuing a career in radiology. During that time, God used a Life Action Summit to transform his life. He was in the early stages of pursuing money when God called him to serve full-time with Life Action Ministries.

Bill and Christy met in Life Action while serving on a church events team. Bill was an audio tech and financial clerk for the team, and Christy (originally from Saginaw, MI) was the school teacher for the Revivalist’s children. After a couple of years serving on the road, they married in 2005.

Once they were married, God opened the door for them to serve at Life Action Camp. Initially, Bill’s primary role was in facilities and maintenance. He served in that role until leadership asked him to move into the office, using his relational personality, along with his desire to see areas operate efficiently, to better serve guests. Bill has worked to update many processes that have enabled Life Action Camp to be more effective.

Bill and Christy have three children and are currently in the process of adopting their foster son.

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