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Brent & Maggie Paulus

Camp Director

Brent and Maggie have served with Life Action for the past 15 years. They began their time here as young single adults, got married, and have raised their 4 children, (Gideon, Hope, Samuel, and Haven), while serving at Life Action. They can’t imagine having had a better environment to begin their marriage and raise their children than with the Life Action family. Life Action Camp has been a significant part of their family life since they attended their first Family Camp in 2015.

Brent is an accountant by background and Maggie is a writer. The past few years their family has been traveling the country, living in an RV, and sharing the struggles and blessings family life in over 50 churches. They love seeing people embrace the abundant life that God has made possible through Christ, especially as they minister together.

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