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CREW Application

Applicant Note: Every staff member (full-time, part-time, or volunteer) at Life Action Camp represents Jesus Christ and is a minister of the Gospel regardless of the department or position. The Bible states in 1Peter that we are a holy priesthood, offering sacrifices to God through the work He has entrusted us to do. Scripture is clear that everything we do matters to God and he wants to use our service at Life Action Camp to minister to others and glorify Jesus. Whether cleaning cottages, repairing vehicles, cooking food, answering phones, or teaching Bible studies, we are all Christ’s ministers as we use our specific gifts. Romans 12 urges us as Christ’s Body to use our different gifts as one unified team, knowing that we are all gifted with diverse talents and we are to fully use them to minister and bless others. By accepting a position at Life Action Camp, you agree to serve as a minister of the Gospel as stated above.

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CREW Application Process

  1. Complete the application below.

  2. The application review process takes about 2-3 weeks.

  3. If accepted, you will receive an acceptance email.

  4. Upon acceptance, you will need to submit a $150 standard program fee (regardless of how long you serve).

  5. You will receive a variety of forms you will need to digitally fill out and sign.

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