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Dave & Amy Carroll


Dave was born into a pastor’s family in Illinois, and they moved around a bit⏤Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. In high school Dave was heavily involved in coaching Special Olympics downhill skiing, bowling, and track. He also played baseball. After high school Dave served as a camp counselor for two summers and helped coordinate an inner-city after-school program in Indianapolis. He settled in the South Bend area in 1995 where he worked in sales and in shipping and receiving for several different companies. He married Amy in 1999, and they moved across the border to Niles, MI, in 2002. They have two daughters and have hosted several additional children in their home through their involvement with Safe Families.

Dave and Amy both gave their lives to Christ at an early age, but by their early 20s they had put Christ in a box and placed Him on a shelf. Shortly after they were married, they decided they needed to get back into church. In 2005 Amy’s life was changed when their church hosted a Life Action Summit. Dave’s life was radically changed when he attended Life Action Camp’s Momentum men’s retreat in 2009 and he fell in love with God’s Word. In 2010 Dave and Amy joined Life Action Camp, where Dave has pursued a calling to help men grow closer to Jesus.

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