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Good Wednesday Morning

Today's Schedule:


8:30am—Continental Breakfast available
11:00am-12:30pm—Brunch (Lodge)
10:30am-5:00pm—Yard Games (Lakeside Playground)
11:30am-4:30pm—Laser Tag (Tab) (Sign Up Required)
12:00-4:30pm—Escape Room (Suite #212) (Sign Up Required)
1:00-5:00pm—Photo Scavenger Hunt - On-Site (Start @ Lodge) (Instructions) (Submit Pictures) 
1:00-5:00pm—Photo Scavenger Hunt - Off-Site (Start @ Lodge) (Instructions) (Submit Pictures) 
2:00pm—Grab & Go Snack (Pavilion)
5:15pm—Kids BREAKAWAY (Club Locations) Youth (Tab)
5:30pm—College & Young Adult Outing (Snack Shop)
5:30pm—BREAKAWAY Adults (Lodge)
8:30pm—Pick Up Kids from Clubs
8:30pm—Family Hang Out & Worship (Beach)


7:30am—Men’s Devo (Snack Shop)


10:00am—Session (Tab)

Activities Available 
Every Afternoon

Bat Golf

(Starts across from the Lodge at the Red Barn)

Kubb, Pole-ish, Kan Jam, & Fowling

(Lakeside Playground)


(Tab Parking Lot)



Emergency Contact Information:

Camp Office - 269.695.2191

After Hours Contact - Bill @ 269.845.2289 (text/call)

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