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Jeff (Spanky) & Maria Mann


Spanky and Maria were both born into pastors’ homes⏤Spanky in West Virginia and Maria in Washington. Not only do they come from opposite ends of the nation, they have opposite stories of salvation. Maria accepted Christ at the age of 3, while Spanky finally surrendered at the age of 21. He has seven years of higher education (much of it classified Top Secret), and six years of Naval submarine service. When he was stationed in Washington, he met Maria, who was in the process of becoming a radiological technician. He knew right away that this was the girl he would marry. (She took some convincing.) They married in 1989 and have four home-educated children: Moriah, Micah, Jocelyn, and Lyndelle.

Sensing God’s call into camp ministry, Spanky and Maria connected with Life Action and joined the ministry in 1994. His first role was singing and driving a truck with a local church road team, while she was the team financial clerk. They returned from the year of travel just in time to serve with the very first family camps. They have served in just about every area over the years, with nearly twenty years of that time leading activities and programs.

Outside of camp, Spanky serves as an elder at church, sings with the worship team, and is on the message research team. Maria teaches a children’s class. They both coach Bible quizzing teams and are involved with community outreach efforts. Their children have been involved in a number of areas, including quiz teams, teaching children, community outreach, student worship teams, and student leadership.

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